In Honor, Golden and Things We Know By Heart – Jessi Kirby’s Magnificent Works

In Honor, Golden and Things We Know By Heart – Jessi Kirby’s Magnificent Works

Parker is in some aspects similar to Robert Frost, the poet she was named after. Parker is a dreamer and wants to make her mother proud by gaining admission to Stanford University. Kat, Parker’s best friend, is her exact opposite. Kat is less up-tight and attempts to make Parker loosen up a little. Another interesting character in Golden is Trevor, Parker’s crush since middle school.

Golden is part romance, part mystery, and part suspense. The journal entries created the possibility that not all occurred to be golden with local urban legend couples. Parker’s character begins to arc as she struggles in the quest for truth and what she had done. Everything about this novel is Golden. The novel promises to sweep the readers of their feet as they watch Parker make decisions that lead to a delightful conclusion.

Things We Know By Heart

Released in 2016, Things We Know By Heart is a poignant tale of grief and mastering the courage to love again. Trent, Quinn Sullivan’s boyfriend, and love of her life died in a car accident. Losing Trent is equally as painful every day even after four hundred days. Quinn Sullivan believes that if she can find the recipient of Trent’s heart then perhaps she can get some closure on the matter. To her dismay, all the people who received Trent’s other organs respond to her letters, but not the one that received his heart. The only thing that matters to Quinn Sullivan is meeting Colton Thomas. It was never her intention to fall for Colton, after all, how could she be with Colton when he reminds her so much of Trent?

Both Colton and Quinn have their secrets and struggles, and both characters are well-drawn and nuanced. The reader follows Quinn’s journey as she learns more about herself and masters the courage to love again. Quinn gets into a tentative relationship with Colton, taking it one step at a time.

The setting of the books is beautiful and romantic. But The Things We Know By Heart is not just a story about romance, it is also a story about family. The book also features Quinn’s feisty sister and her outspoken grandmother. These two characters are believable and interesting and have stories of their own. Family relationships are well developed throughout The Things We Know By Heart. We see how tragedy impacts families and how they are supportive of each other. But the book also explores how such support can be smothering, and the need for independence. Family dynamics are an integral part of The Things We Know By Heart.
This is not your conventional love story, and some parts may even raise ethical questions. However, it is certainly a beautiful and delightful read.

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