The Secret History of Us – A Master Piece

The Secret History of Us – A Master Piece

The Secret History of Us

In The Secret of Us, Liv wakes up in a hospital where people are walking on eggshells. Her body hurts terribly and she can’t recall what happened. Fortunately, Liv’s parents are at the hospital with her. Her parents don’t appear to be straightforward in telling her about the accident that is responsible for how she is feeling. Anyway, there’s nothing much that liv can do because her whole body hurts.

The Secret History of Us is very much like Things We Know By Heart in that it engages the reader right from the first page. Jessi Kirby knows how to build up curiosity on the part of the reader. As a reader, you find yourself determined to discover what happened to Liv and are almost as eager as she is to find out the truth. However, this is not an easy quest, especially when everybody around is being so secretive about it.

You feel how helpless and frustrated Liv is when she discovers what happened. In The Secret of Us, Jessi Kirby captures feeling in perfect dosage, that is, without overdoing it. Even though the story’s pace is a bit slow, you feel like the story ends too soon when you reach the last page of the novel. But there is nothing wrong with the speed of the novel, it is more interesting this way. Things unfold slowly, and there is no need for a grand or big finale, with drama at the end. The only thing that a reader might critique about The Secret History of Us, is wishing that Jessi Kirby might have added a few more pages to the novel.

The most enjoyable aspects of The Secret History of Us include the main characters, the scenes, and the romances. Imagine being in a coma for slightly over a week and having no clue about who you are, who the people around you are, or what happened. Although The Secret History of Us can sometimes get a little dramatic, Jessi Kirby makes it feel raw and real. It is easy to think that you are in a movie by Nicholas Sparks, but with teenagers, or a novel by John Green but with less literature. The Secret of Us is very readable, and you would be hard-pressed not to enjoy it.

In short, you will fall in love with this novel with every turn of the page. It might not be as perfect as you would like, but it is a quick read that is intensely enjoyable. The Secret History of Us is the kind of book that you pick up and read in one seating. It’s adorable, fun, and easy to read.

Jessi Kirby is a truly talented writer. She knows how to engage the reader and evoke emotion without overdoing it. The settings are beautiful and creative. But most importantly, Kirby’s stories are delightful mainly because she knows when to withhold information and when to reveal it, which makes her books a worthwhile read.

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